Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry is a specialty of Dental Medicine for the treatment of tooth loss (edentulism) with prosthetic rehabilitations supported or retained by dental implants. Its purpose is the installation of titanium implants in the mandible and maxilla whose function is to support single, partial or removable dentures and total prostheses.

Usually the installation of the final prosthesis occurs between 3 to 6 months. A more recent process proposes the rapid installation of teeth, between 1 to 5 days, which is called immediate loading.

At CIREOS we use dental implants from Germany and Switzerland, which reduces this time of healing. Under normal conditions, we can install the final prosthesis after 20 or 45 days.

The CIREOS team performs computer guided surgical procedures with the use of CAD / CAM technology, which gives total safety to the surgical procedures, and in some cases incisions are not necessary.


Periodontics or periodontology (peri: around, Odonto: tooth) is the specialty of Dental Medicine that studies and treats the diseases of the system of implantation and support of the teeth. This appliance consists of gum, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament and cement. Pathological changes in the periodontium are called periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

The main functions of the periodontium are the insertion of the tooth into the bone tissue of the jaws while preserving the surface of the masticatory mucosa of the oral cavity. The periodontium is modified due to inadequate brushes with excessive force, physiologically with age and  several pathologies such as diabetes.

All people over the age of 35 should have an annual consultation with a periodontologist in order to keep their gums healthy.

The CIREOS periodontology team is highly specialized in periodontal aesthetic surgeries.

Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation is the ultimate goal of a high complexity dental treatment, which requires careful planning and execution by professionals of various specialties – multidisciplinary concept – in order to achieve treatment success.  To prepare this treatment plan, the team uses all patient information: clinical data, clinical examination, laboratory tests, imaging (x-rays and CT scans), cast models and intra-oral and face pictures.

The Dental Prosthesis  is a dental specialty, a joint of art and science that deals with the replacement of buccal tissues and lost teeth, aiming at restoring and maintaining the shape, function, appearance and oral health. The term “dental prosthesis” also refers to the product that will replace the original masticatory function, or missing teeth. Its main objective is oral rehabilitation, in all its functions: aesthetics, phonetics and chewing. The CIREOS team directly  restores teeth (CAD/CAM technology) by means of making fixed prostheses (pure ceramic crowns without metal above teeth and implants) in just 2 hours – chair side concept.

Guided Surgery

With the advancement of technologies, guided surgeries have become a routine in medicine, due to safety, low operative risk, quick procedures and postoperative with little swelling and little pain. As examples in medicine we have laparoscopic surgeries, arthroscopies, cardiovascular surgeries, etc.

The first clinical cases of guided surgery in dentistry were performed in 2002 and from the beginning to the present, all the researches show results better or equal to those of the conventional surgeries for placement of dental implants.

Benefits of Guided Surgery: Planning performed on the computer, with specific software, and following the prosthetic planning to install the implants in the precise places; Surgery without cuts, only with small perforations; Greater surgical accuracy than installing free-hand implants; Reduction of surgical time from approximately 3 hours to 40 minutes; Consequently, more tranquil postoperative periods, without pain and without swelling.

CIREOS Team performs guided surgeries in Salvador, since July 2008 with a high success rate (100%) and total absence of pain or swelling in the postoperative period.

Facial Harmonization

The CIREOS concept of facial harmonization includes the evaluation and interrelation of teeth, lips and other elements of the face with the objective of improving the quality of life of our clients by increasing the self-confidence that is achieved by the use of ”detal contact lenses”, ceramic crowns, facial fillings with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin.

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